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Residency/ Legal


Rich Coast Realty is a full service real estate company and we offer Residency and Legal services to our clients to make the transition to owning and living in Costa Rica easier. Residency services are available upon request and it is easier if you contact us before you come to Costa Rica so we can advise you the appropriate paperwork and documentation tobring with you to begin the Residency process.

Legal Work

When buying property in Costa Rica it is necessary to have a lawyer do a background check of the property in the National Land Registry before the purchase and to legally change ownership once the property is purchased. Our attorneys can offer these services in house, as well as assisting with the  transfer of vehicles, registering of wills in Costa Rica for your assets here, opening corporations for business use or for holding properties, etc.

Contat us at any time with any questions you have about any of these additional services that we offer to our clients.

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